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About Learning Journeys


Welcome to Learning Journeys, a division of the historic Perillo Tours

Learning Journeys offers cutting-edge travel experiences powered by Perillo’s 73 years of travel planning expertise.  More than a traditional vacation, you will acquire, or improve upon your areas of interest such as photography, watercolor painting, bird watching, language study, architecture, cooking, health and wellness and more!

Explore your inner chef through our culinary programs with the Culinary Institute of America.  Immerse in wildlife, conservation and photography. Our programs take you around the globe, and include as part of a collection focusing on conservation initiatives, while visiting some of the most exciting nature and birding destinations in the Americas.

Our Womens collection offers global to reset the mind, body and spirit.   From small boutique-style hotels to private villa rentals and luxury resorts, a holistic lifestyle is amplified by yoga, wellness, and spas, temple visits and festivals, healthy food, meditation and giving back.  Our signature wellness series takes you to places like India, Bali, Costa Rica, Italy, Malta and Greece to focus inward.    

Our worldwide destinations are chosen specifically to make practicing each skill more accessible, and more fun.  You will even have the opportunity to attend off-the-beaten-path festivals in your area of interest. Take your learning immersion to new heights! 

Learning Journeys can be booked by 2 people or 200. And if you gather a group of just 10, you travel FREE! 

Our website has day-by-day itineraries and detailed information on accommodations, meals, transportation and classes with the experts in your field of interest. 

Learning Journeys are for people looking for a new kind of vacation. Those yearning to explore the world, develop skills and interests, give back to the community and ultimately re-connect with yourself. So let the journey begin  – Perillo’s  Learning Journeys.

Meet the stars of the Learning Journeys team:

All of team members focus on creating customized learning journeys for small and large groups. They take enjoy their work and are committed to ensuring that your learning journey is based upon your specific interests.  

Steve Perillo, CEO of Perillo Brands and renowned composer, was inspired by the concept of traveling for education and self-transformation through his own passion as a composer.

Carol  Dimopoulos.  She is President of Learning Journeys where she brings her passion for learning and travel into transformative learning and community service based travel programs to global destinations in Europe, Latin and South America, Africa and India. Learning Journeys has been featured in Travel and Leisure, Yoga Journal, LA Times, The Washington Post, Spirituality and Health and named as a trend by Spa Finders for 2015.  And she brings these principles to world of travel, creating experiences of moving from place to place in a destination to fully absorb the culture and community. She is committed to servicing communities in her journeys, and incorporates giving back through service projects included in every trip.  She also gives back in her university role where she works with students on sustainable leadership best practices in business management and is working on her doctorate in Global Leadership at The University of  Illinois.

Denise DeFino has 25 years of experience in special interest and affinity travel. She is an avid birder and wildlife expert.

Natasha Vavereko has over 20 years’ experience in educational travel and is an expert in art, history and literature. She is fluent in Russian and has traveled the globe to find the best in learning experiences.

Jolene Laube has over 20 years of experience and  is our expert in small family, groups and meetings manager.. She travels extensively to find new and innovative experiences in  destinations.

Manisha Swaminarayan is an expert in learning experiences and custom luxury experiences. 

She brings to Perillo's Tours an extensive background in the travel industry.  Her passion for travel culminated into a profession with service in Commercial Aviation. While working in ground operations, she not only achieved expertise with air routes, fares and international ticketing but took every opportunity to crisscross the globe while with legacy airlines including Continental, United, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines, Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air India.

She has also worked on the other sides of the travel industry - in hospitality with Starwood Hotels and Resorts in sales and operations and with renowned consolidators in product development. As an entrepreneur, she has successfully established a conceptual business catering to logistical and services requirements of travelers at airports.

She strongly believes in the "One World" philosophy and that extensive travel will help hasten its occurrence.  With avid interest in Yoga and its teachings of 'perpetual learning' also influence her attitude of sharing knowledge and will reflect in her interactions with all of Perillo Tour's business partners, patrons and customers, through Learning Journeys.


.Charlotte Dimopoulos is our Social Media and Content Manager. She is trained in yoga and wellness.