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Program Types

Learning Journeys has three program choices: Private, Semi-Private and Small Group. Choose from any of the of the specially crafted program curriculums that match your interests, and then select which group size best suits your path to life-long learning.



Whether traveling with a group of family members, friends, fellow students, or colleagues, a Private Learning Journey program provides exclusive experiences and opportunities to learn surrounded by those you know – and who know you – best.


Small Group

On a Small Group journey you will have the opportunity to engage with like-minded experience and adventure seekers. Group sizes start at a minimum of four people and maximum of 12 people to allow for intimate settings and optimal learning experiences.



A hybrid of private and small groups, Semi-Private programs combine independent exploration with opportunities to connect with other compatible learners in a socially distanced classroom setting.

Program Category

Learning Journeys offers program categories with curriculums – or itineraries – designed to match your interests. The three program categories reflect different levels of immersion in your chosen learning experience. At the completion of your program, you will receive a Certificate of Learning that officially documents the skills you’ve acquired.


Explore an Interest

Delve into a pastime or activity that intrigues you as you develop a new skill or hobby. These programs are your gateway to learn more about a destination and yourself.


Pursue a Passion

In-depth educational sessions with native connoisseurs, tastemakers, and experts can lead to a profound understanding of new cultures while evolving a favorite pastime into an expertise.


Change My Life

Combining classroom study with site visits and practical application, these cultural curriculums examine institutions, explore methodologies, and engage with local practitioners. Students return home transformed and well-versed in their field.


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