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Learning Tourism Institute

Learning Tourism Institute

Under the guidance of Dr. Carol Dimopoulos, The Learning Tourism Institute provides leading research, resources, and educational support to help travel professionals, educators, destinations, and suppliers become experts in learning tourism. The Institute is built on the pillars of knowledge and experience and the application of their integration to grow distribution channels.

The Learning Tourism Institute aims to be the leading resource of providing listings for global NGO’s which are available to visit in order to gain awareness of the symbiosis between learning, travel, and humanity. Combining our experience and knowledgeable solutions, curriculums include professional development programs, online courses, and continuing education.

Ready to reach your goals? Select your focus to get started:

Classes begin January 24th, 2022

  • Introduction to Learning Tourism for Travel Professionals, 4 weeks
  • Introduction to Learning Tourism for Destinations, 4 weeks
  • Introduction to Learning Tourism for Suppliers, 4 weeks
  • Introduction to Learning Tourism for Schools, 4 weeks

Have a specific educational focus for your organization or destination? The Learning Tourism Institute can customize courses and curriculums for both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (learn at your own pace) training options.