Learning Journeys offers cutting-edge travel experiences powered by Perillo’s 70 years of travel planning expertise. More than a traditional vacation, you will acquire, or improve upon your areas of interest such as photography, watercolor painting, bird watching, language study, architecture, cooking, health and wellness and more!
Our worldwide destinations are chosen specifically to make practicing each skill more accessible, and more fun. You will even have the opportunity to attend off-the-beaten-path festivals in your area of interest. Take your learning immersion to new heights!
Most of the journeys on our site are “private”, meaning only you, your family, or your group will be traveling together. No sharing and adhering to the schedule of other travelers. It’s all about YOUR personal experience and growth. Learning Journeys can be booked by 2 people or 200. The prices shown within are based on 2 guests, but become substantially lower as your group size increases. And if you gather a group of just 10, you travel FREE!

Our President, Carol Dimopoulos a certified yoga instructor developed our Yoga Journeys, an interactive experiences for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. These are scheduled group tours with set departure dates for those interested in health, wellness, community service and sustainability. Ask for our separate Wellness Journeys brochure.

Our website has day-by-day itineraries and detailed information on accommodations, meals, transportation and classes with the experts in your field of interest. For both Learning Journeys and Wellness Journeys, please visit
Learning Journeys are for people looking for a new kind of vacation. Those yearning to explore the world, develop skills and interests, give back to the community and ultimately re-connect with yourself. So let the journey begin!

 Contact us at 888-884-8259

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