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Starting at $2390 Including Land & Air pp.

Journey to Spiritual India for Holi Celebration 2018 including Round Trip Air From NYC!

Starting at $2250 Land and Air pp.

Journey to Spiritual India for Holi Celebration 2018 including Round Trip Air From Washington Dulles!

Starting at $1950 pp.

Journey to Spiritual India for Holi Celebration 2018!

Starting at $2850 pp.

Travel with Learning Journeys to the mythical Indian Himalayas on this incredible trekking tour. 

Starting at $2875 per person pp.


The passion for  the  language and cuisine of Italy owes as much to the history and geography of the country as it does to its people, dialects and  regional cuisine.  Learn basic language skills, and get a taste of Italy’s gastronomic culture and local food as you make your way through the romantic Tuscany and The Cinque Terra on this exciting cooking tour.

Starting at $1890 pp.

Learning Journeys Exclusive - RYT 200 teacher training in India

Become a certified yoga teacher, studying with master yoga trainers in India, the land which brought us yoga.  

Price includes all transfers, meals, 200 hour RYT certification and a Learning Journeys Concierge service to assist.

Stretch your mind, body and spirit with Learning Journeys and Yoga Vedanta, Rishikesh.

Starting at $4,499 pp.

Get ready for a family adventure of a lifetime -  a safari across two African Countries! Experience elephants, giraffes, wildebeests, rhinos, and other animals you've only seen on TV oe in zoos in their natural habitats. 

Starting at $2475 pp.

Mystical and magical, Bali is a land that draws individuals on a path to it’s magnet charm and healing capabilities!

Starting at $990 pp.

Spend 9 days on a spiritual journey through Northern India!

Visit unforgettable sights through some of the most sacred areas of India; Haridwar; which translates literally as Gateway to God, is one of the Hindu holy places in India and a center of Hindu religion and mysticism for centuries, Rishikesh; which at a height of about 1360 feet above sea level, is the Gateway to the Himalayas and a major centre of spirituality and pilgrimage, and Varanasi; the city of Lord Shiva on the banks of the Ganges, which one of Hinduism’s seven holiest cities!

Starting at $2190 pp.

Balance..  Immerse yourself in the pure energy of Costa Rica.  Expierience true nature, drawing in the blissful scent of the region’s native flowers, as you connect to the rhythm of mystical waterfalls and the secret language of the birds and butterflies — all living in Zen unison with the people who enter this sacred land. You’ve arrived in a place where your outer journey moves you inward, towards self. Our  journey includes farm to table meals, activities,  an opportunity to give back to the local community, daily yoga and meditation and more. 




Starting at $3395 pp.


Cuba's culture is rich with contributions from its indigenous, African and European roots. But above all, the people of Cuba are the island's greatest asset. They are friendly, welcoming, resourceful and full of life. This Learning Journey to Cuba will introduce you to the people and provide ample opportunities to interact with them in meaningful and rewarding ways, learning and teaching each other about life in Cuba.

Why We Love It:

Starting at $3290 pp.

Become one with yourself. Visit the mythological islands of Santorini and Crete, the lands of muses, gods and goddesses.  Visit the historical sites, enjoy daily yoga and meditation, learn Greek dance, cook with a local Greek Yia Yia (grandmother), support women through  the ‘’Angel’s House’’ women’s social project  and experience vibrant Greek community and culture.

Starting at $1825 pp.

Yiasou..Welcome to Crete,Greece, the birthplace of Western Civilization. Become one with yourself. Visit the mythological island of Crete, the land of muses, gods and goddesses.  Visit the historical sites, enjoy daily yoga and meditation, learn Greek dance, cook with a local Greek Yia Yia (grandmother),  enjoy wine tasting and experience vibrant Greek community and culture.

Starting at $4990 pp.

The art of simple living is a way of life in the Japanese culture. From Tokyo to Kyoto , you’ll discover a land of sublime art, unsurpassed natural beauty, and fascinating traditions. Enjoy a mystical visit to Mt. Koya and stay at a traditional Buddhist Monastery. Learn about Zen, attend meditations and yoga sessions. Throughout your trip, meet local people, stay in a genuine ryokan (inn), and experience age-old cultural traditions, such as a ritualized tea ceremony, a cooking class and a sake tasting.

Starting at $2390 pp.


Transform your life!  Live your dream of studying  Italian language and cooking, Roman style all while partaking in language study abroad!  

Enjoy an educational immersion into Roman culture, dialect and traditional foods on this food tour.  You will experience hands-on lessons while seeing the highlights of the city and learning how to prepare traditional dishes with a local chef.  You will return with skills that will last beyond the memories of the travel experience.  


Starting at $1999 pp.

Malta is Magic!

Mystical and glamorous, Malta is a jewel in the Mediterranean.

Learning Journeys President Carol Dimopoulos traveled to Malta as a USTOA Modern Day Explorer knowing only of Malta’s close geographic proximity to Sicily. With the help of the Malta Tourist Board what she discovered were endless possibilities to experience outstanding hospitality, a land that blends sea and sun, rich Mediterranean cuisine and warm people who welcome guests with open hearts.

Starting at $3160 pp.

Spend 8 days embarking on a self journey through beautiful Northern Italy!

Starting at $2490 pp.

Experience the ultimate journey of self discovery in Peru. Reconnect with your inner world as you explore the ruins of ancient civilizations while viewing some of the most spellbinding scenery anywhere in the planet. Meet the descendants of the Inca and learn all about the three indigenous camelid species. Travel through the ages in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Observe how time has stood still on the islands of Lake Titicaca and make the pilgrimage to the peaks of the Andes to discover the magnificent Machu Picchu.

Starting at $990 pp.

Spend 7 days on a blissful journey of the mind, body and spirit in Bali!

Starting at $2450 pp.

For years travelers seeking serenity and spiritual renewal have made their way to India’s ashrams and retreat centers to learn the wisdom of ancient practices like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda Indian healing. This sojourn is designed for personal reflection and growth.

Starting at $2495 pp.

Join us on a journey of mind, body and spirit to Southern India.  Enjoy daily yoga, partake in Ammas Ashram journeys, immerse in  Goddess Temples, visit community service projects focusing on education and womens empowerment, learn how to prepare Indian dishes, visit a wildlife sanctuary, sample spices and teas,spend a night on a houseboat, meet with an astrologer and enjoy optional Ayuvedic treatments. 



    Starting at $1950 pp.

    FEED YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL:  Come with us on a journey to a land as old as the gods, where good food and wine are a way of life….reconnect your body and soul with daily meditations and yoga….sit at our table and savor our wines….immerse yourself in our culture, our family, and our country….let us welcome you to the heart and soul of Italy.