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My Month as a Monk

Spend the most transformative month of your life in spiritual India! Live amongst the traditional monks, practicing the art and spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism, visiting a local NGO, and engaging in a silent retreat!

This journey is truly a sojourn for the soul, and you will finish the month with an entirely new outlook on life. This program is designed to give you the most immersive and authentic look into the life of a traditional monk. You will spend 30 days transforming your soul through a monastery stay, meeting and staying with the locals, and getting an in-depth look into the rich culture and history of India like never before!


What you will learn / do:

  • Monastery Living

  • NGO Visit

  • Education on Buddhism

  • Practice of Tibetan Buddhism

  • Daily excursions

  • Full day exploration of Manali Town and the nearby villages

  • Spend 2 days practicing Nuangnay (traditional fasting & silence retreat)

  • Get an insight into the age-old tradition and science of Tibetan Medicine

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