Student Incentives 2018

Welcome to Perillo’s Learning Journeys, offering over 74 years experience in travel excellence. Bring your student’s learning to life on a private journey focusing on your curriculum. No sharing. Departures are exclusive to you and your students. Perillo’s Learning Journeys team are all veteran educators. You will be assigned an educator to work as your program concierge. Choose from one of our sample itineraries and we focus the experience on your subject and teaching materials. Enjoyable and unique journeys that offer a blend of immersive learning and fun. Meet with local students to learn about life in their cultures. Give back to the local communities through service projects. Inclusive land pricing starts under $1790. We offer air rates from your home city on all major airlines and 24/7 ground services through offices worldwide. Learn more: Website: Email: Learning Journeys: (888) 884-8259 Facebook: Instagram: Learningjourneys Twitter: @LearningJourne