Learning Journerys 2018

WELCOME TO LEARNING JOURNEYS a division of the historic Perillo Tours WE BELIEVE IN A NEW KIND OF VACATION WHAT IS A LEARNING JOURNEY Powered by Perillo Tours, Learning Journeys offers the best of all worlds. We are on the cutting-edge of travel but also bring nearly 73 years of travel planning experience to the mix. On a Perillo’s Learning Journeys, you acquire, or improve upon your areas of interest. The programs have been featured in Travel & Leisure, Johnny Jet, The Washington Post, The LA Times, Yoga Journal and named a trend by Spa Finders. We believe in a new kind of vacation. Our unique journeys help you explore and develop your skills and interests, travel the world, give back to the community and ultimately re-connect with yourself. The destinations are chosen specifically to make practicing that skill more accessible, and more fun. Typical interests offered are health and wellness, teacher trainings and professional development, culinary arts, photography, language, art, wildlife and more! You will even have the opportunity to attend off the beaten path festivals in your specific area of interest, which will take your learning immersion to new heights! The Learning Journeys portfolio includes journeys for single and individual travelers, joining a group of travelers with similar interests, private custom jour- neys, schools, universities and incentives. Community service and sustainability are the core of the Learning Journeys mission. In addition to hands-on interactive classes, we work in the local communities, helping to improve lives and our planet. We are pleased to include Smithsonian Family Journeys , a collection of multi-generational family group tours operated by Perillo’s Learning Journeys in collaboration with the Smithsonian. These fun, learning adventures take the stress out of family travel and maximize your time to enjoy your family and experience the world. All Learning Journeys destinations are chosen for their exceptional beauty, abundant wildlife, and accessibility to expert practitioners… and generally fun places to visit! The destinations are near and far. Sending you to North America, Latin and South America, Europe, India, Asia, Australia and more. Perillo’s “Learning Journeys” are an excellent value for money and an investment. Getting away from your everyday home-life allows you to concentrate on your skill. And joining people with the same, or more advanced skill levels, encourages you to reach ever-higher levels of accomplishment. Website: LearningJourneys.com Email: info@learningjourneys.com Learning Journeys: (888) 884-8259 Smithsonian Family Journeys: (855) 215-8691 Facebook: facebook.com/PTlearningjourneys Instagram: Learningjourneys Twitter: @LearningJourne LEARN MORE