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escort River Cruises

River cruising offers a unique, relaxed and authentic travel experience. With smaller ships that are able to navigate through inland waterways, river cruises dock in the heart of cities and villages, allowing for seamless exploration of places that large ocean carriers could never reach.

Perfect for families, schools and groups small and large.  Port taxes ,all shore excursions, wifi are included ( on select cruises).   Many of our departures offer NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT!  Children up to 17 travel free ( terms and conditions apply)!

Choose from one of our scheduled sailings in Europe, Asia or Africa, for groups of 40 travelers or more, create the ultimate, unforgettable VIP experience chartering your own vessel and we will create the perfect program for your interests.

We have listed a sample of sailings.  For a full portfolio of destinations, dates and rates,  please contact us and  and sign up for our newsletter to receive information on exclusive promotions.   

Starting at $2610 pp.

Be carried away by the charm of the Mediterranean countries. From Portugal to Spain, you will visit Porto, a lively and fascinating city where you can taste its famous wine, or Guimarães, the beating heart of Portugal with a remarkable history that gives it today all its charm. We will guide you throughout this journey through the unique landscapes of the Douro but also cities with a rich heritage such as Lamego, Salamanca or Vila Real. Enjoy your journey on the Amalia Rodregues.

Sail along the Seine to discover the history, idyllic landscapes and culture that border this mythical river with its hidden secrets. In Vernon, you will discover the Claude Monet house and gardens with its famous water garden. Visit the sumptuous Martainville Château, stroll along the Côte Fleurie or vist the historical Normandy landing beaches.

Starting at $2955 pp.

Cruise from Lisbon to Porto! Join us aboard for a relaxing 9 day journey sailing from Lisbon to Porto, stopping along the way for land excursions such as a guided tour of Lisbon, a trip to Salamanaca, a walk through the formal gardens at the Mateus Palace, and more!

Starting at $7100 pp.

Perfect for families and small groups!

Gastronomy and viticulture enthusiasts, this cruise between Rhône and Saône will seduce you. From the Rhone Valley to the Beaujolais vineyards, through the vineyards of Côte Rôtie and the terroir of Condrieu, go for a discovery tour with tastings that will tantalize your palate.