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Bhutan: Learn The Lifestyle of Happiness

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Revered as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ or 'Druk Yul,' Bhutan is regarded as a rare, lasting ‘Shangri-La,' celebrated by its remoteness in the Himalayan region and featuring spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna and uniquely ancient Buddhist monasteries and culture.

This country of rolling hills and towering crags certainly exudes charm. The mountains are mag-nificent, the forests are dense, the people are delightful, the air is pure, the architecture inspiring, the religion exciting, and the art superb. Like timeless images from the past, the traveler encounters the full glory of this ancient land through its strategic fortresses known as Dzongs, numerous ancient temples, monasteries and stupas which dot the countryside. Prayer flags flutter along the high ridges and wild animals abound in dense forests. Foaming white waterfalls are showcased in ethereal showers, and warm smiles grace the faces of its friendly people.

The tiny kingdom of Bhutan shares with Nepal the world's greatest concentration of mountains and living heritage of Buddhism. Flying to Paro can truly be described as a flight into fantasy. During the flight, a first-hand close-up view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, and other famous peaks of the Himalaya range become a reality.

With its beautiful and largely unspoiled Himalayan setting, its rich flora and fauna and its vibrant Buddhist culture, Bhutan has become an increasingly popular destination for international tourists. In addition to generating hard-currency revenue, tourism also provides impetus for the development of the services sector and hence the balanced and holistic development of an entire region. In an effort to safeguard its rich natural and cultural environment, the country has consciously adopted a controlled tourism and development policy.

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What You Will Learn/Do

Evening walk around the National Memorial Chorten

Presentation viewing & interaction by a local expert on Gross National Happiness

Learning session at Choki Traditional Art School

Experience traditional Buddhism at one of the oldest monasteries in Bhutan

Learn about local produce and cuisine at the Centenary Famers Market

Learn to cook traditional Bhutanese cuisine during a cooking session

Astrological predictions

Local textile education from the National Textile Museum

Archery session

Prayer ceremony at a monastery and lighting of 108 butter lamps.

Learn the game of Khuru with residing monks and orphans

Why This Program Is Unique

During your time in Bhutan, you will learn about the cultural and religious heritage of Bhu-tan through hikes, monasteries, prayer flags, and even a cooking class.

This immersive journey will provide insight to some of the most sacred parts of Bhutan.

Through Buddhist monas-tery visits, a National Memorial Chorten viewing, an astrological prediction from a local monk, and a journey to Buddha Dordenma, you will acquire knowledge into Bhutan that you may take with you forever.

Along with this, you will also fully get to understand why Bhutan is referred to as the happiest place on earth through teachings by a local expert on Gross National Happiness.

How This Program Benefits The Local Community

Bhutan’s philosophy on tourism, albeit in a controlled manner, maximizes the economic benefits while min-imizing the negative impacts of tourism on the cultural and natural resources.

Based on the GNH philosophy, a high-value, low-volume strategy has been introduced to ensure that tourism will stimulate an economic growth in order to alleviate poverty while not posing a threat to the country’s natural and cultural resources.

Your Bhutan program has a positive impact on local communities, providing a good source of employment generation and encouragement for local arts and crafts.

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Accommodation at the hotels as mentioned or similar (Category of the hotels have been approved by Tourism Council of Bhutan). All meals including water. All transfers and sightseeing’s as per the itinerary by private vehicle. English speaking accompanying Learning Journeys expert Sustainable Development Fee & Taxes. Entrance fees Bhutan Visa Fees (we will need colored scanned copy of the passport to apply for visa).

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